Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 251

I was up very early on the 4th. Not by choice – Molly, our sweet dog, was tired of being cooped up, and was letting me know about it. So I got up and played fetch with the dog at 5:30am. On Saturday. On vacation. Hmph. That’s okay…I got to enjoy the beautiful light.

Barb's view

Here is our site at Nana’s house…
Campsite at Nana's
The “smaller” tent is the 3-room tent that Fancy, Dale, and Kristi sleep in. The big one is our 196 sq. ft. “cabin” – Ken and I, Caleb, Andrew, Austin, and Nathan all share that one. In the foreground is our camp kitchen on the left with 2 canopies – before the wind destroyed the white one. Nana has a wonderful, big picnic table back there for us. We love that! On the right is the fire pit. Further to the right (outside the frame) is the portable toilet that Nana rented for us to use. What a great setup for us! The campground was fabulous, the fees were quite reasonable, the hosts were friendly and generous, and the views spectacular! What more can you ask for in campground?

We went for a drive and saw this great log barn. I love the look of it! I also love the fact that I said, “Ooomm! Ooomm!!” with my mouth full of pretzels and my husband automatically backed up and stopped so I could take pictures!
Pretty barn

Finally, it’s pool time!

Pool 1 Pool 2
Pool 3 Pool 4


Your Organizing Guru said...

"Ooomm!!" words understood in love!

Looks like you guys had a great weekend!


Tess said...

Wow! What a beautiful site! Gorgeous morning light, too. :) I about LMBO at "Ooomm!! Ooommm!!" My husband would have said, what?!

Sandra said...

Wow, looks like you guys had an awesome time. Nice of Molly to make you get up and enjoy some quiet time just you, Molly, God and nature.
The pool looks like fun too. Ooomm, Oomm - no translation necesary because he knows you so well.

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