Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 250

Our first day camping at Nana’s house…

Garden creatures
Sandra, this made me think of you and your photos of your mother-in-law’s (?) garden creatures. My MIL doesn’t have a garden, but she does have some cute creatures!

 Caleb ready for the pool
Nana bought a pool for the kids to enjoy during the heat. It wasn’t quite ready for use yet, but Caleb was sure ready for the pool!! The kids had so so so so much fun in that pool!

We didn’t do many fireworks, so I didn’t get many fireworks shots. This was the best of the bunch. We did ours on the 3rd because bedtime on the 4th needed to be before dark so we could be at church on time on Sunday. The kids didn’t care what day we did them. They were just thrilled with the show!

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Sandra said...

Great pictures. Very festive.

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