Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 100

I've made it 100 days!! (Well, I've had a couple misses, but I made them up right away.) These 100 days have gone so quickly!

My mom and I had a full day today! We went to lunch, went into a couple shops, went to "town" (Kmart - whoohoo!), stopped in Mom's favorite second-hand furniture store...whew! We also took my little lady to therapies in there somewhere. While we were at Kmart Mom found some adorable little girl boots on sale...

Kristi's shoes
Mom loved them, so Kristi got them. :-) (yes, these are backwards because she was dancing for me in my studio)

Caleb actually needed new shoes, so his loving Grandma bought him some new ones too...
Caleb's shoes

When we got home Kristi was talking to her Daddy about her new Chap Stick...I said, "Chap Stick? Where did she get Chap Stick?" Kristi's sweet answer, "Kmart." That makes sense...but Grandma didn't buy her Chap Stick, and Mom didn't have any money...so...hmmm...that sounds a lot like stealing to me. Argh.

Maybe on Thursday I'll get to show you what Mom found at her favorite second-hand furniture store. It was such a great deal!! (But it won't be in its new home until Thursday.)


Eric L said...

Yikes, hope the chap stick gets sorted out alright and proper

Can't wait to see what else you got, looks like some neat shoes, well, colorful at least ;)

Your Organizing Guru said...

B has a newly found Chapstick fascination as well. He applies is rather liberally.... and there was that one hand incident with the widgets.... kids!
I look forward to seeing your mom's new find!

Sandra said...

My My you have had a busy day! Great images.
Great shoes and oh oh about the chapstick.

Mel said...

oh I love the new shoes! Can't wait to see what you found!

Amanda said...

Looks like a fun day! Cute boots and shoes. I'm jealous of the grass I saw in the shoes photo. :)

Fingers To Toes Photography said...

I love the boots! So cute...have you heard they are talking about closing Kmart?

Lary Family said...

I love Caleb's shoes, we might have to get a pair!
Uh oh, sounds like a lesson's about to be learned in Scrivnerburg, huh?

Leslie said...

LOL! My kids call it "lipchap" and love it too. Congrats on making it to day 100...I am super impressed!

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