Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8, 2012

A photo blessing day!

  1. angelic light on a teething portrait
    I loved the angelic light on Gavin as he was chewing on his “teething table.”
  2. Pretty scene at Liners
    It was a beautiful winter day at Linerslodge.
  3. Gavin and Felice
    My boys were loving Aunt Felice today – Caleb sat next to her during lunch and Gavin went to her repeatedly – especially after she fed him ice cream.
  4. Gavin in the Moby
    I’ve wanted a picture of Gavin in the Moby Wrap for evers so I could share it on the Moby Facebook page – and what does he give me? A picture I could have shared before he was adopted. Crazy boy. He did sleep peacefully in the Moby Wrap though.
  5. Goofy Dubbies
    Caleb is such a goof. I was trying to force my cell phone camera to give me “bokeh dots” in the background and he was making faces for the camera. He also insisted that I get a shot with Molly in the frame…

Caleb and Molly

I was able to get just bokeh dots, but none with a subject in front (with my cell phone).
Christmas bokeh dots

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