Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012


  1. Apparently Gavin can tell time. At 7am, precisely (the time we allow the older kids to come out of their rooms) he turned his head and started yelling at the hallway for Kristi to come out. She's almost always the first one out, and she usually comes out on the stroke of 7:00. Gavin obviously knows that because he yelled "OOOHHH!" for her until she came out. Funny, funny boy.
  2. Ken and I were discussing who was going to read with the kids this morning. Kristi wanted Daddy to read, but I pointed out that I have to spend time with Caleb one-on-one, so I can’t teach the other kids and Caleb at the same time. She said, “I do two math!” (Upon further discussion, we find that she means one-and-one math.) I love that girl!
  3. Most of our school day was done before lunch – that set us up to get stuff done (like work) before dinner, and then have some fun family time in the evening.
  4. I was able to work fairly consistently and without much interruption today. Whoohoo!! So much less stressful for me.
  5. Ken and I are raising the future…it’s a tough job, and there are days when I forget the big picture, but we are making a difference for the kingdom of God by raising the future.

Here are a few shots of more kids…

Andrew by the treeAustin by the treeCaleb by the treeKristi by the tree

Nathan by the tree triptych

Gavin happy by the treeGavin done with picturesGavin happy with Dad


Anonymous said...

Precious, my Old Friend Kenny...what an achievment you and Elli have done...hope to meet this wonderful addition to your life some day...keep up the good work you two...:)

NOT MY OWN ! ! ! said...

I REALLY need to get another family photo done with you again..... When the heck do you EVER have the time though????

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