Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!


1. Ken, Dale, Andrew, Austin, Kristi, Nathan, Caleb, Little Man, Fancy, Damian, Salia, Barbara, John, Mom, Felice, Tracy, Rose, Virginia, Richard, and Judy. (These are the people I shared the wonderful meal with today.)

2. Thanksgiving Day! I love the parade, the food, the family and friends… I just love it.

3. My kids really worked hard at getting the house ready for company today.

4. Felice’s mashed potatoes and Barbara’s turkey gravy – the combination is probably what they serve in Heaven.

5. Little Man’s best laugh of the day came after the company was gone (that’s too bad – the grandmothers would have loved it!) – he had whipped cream on a spoon and he thought it was hilarious! He would stick his finger into it and laugh and laugh. That was all he did – there was nothing particularly amusing, except for his amusement. I never realized that a spoon full of whipped cream was so funny, but now I see his point.

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