Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012


1. My beloved husband. Today is his birthday. I am so thankful that I have him – he’s the best man I know.

2. Answers. We had our Kristi-Rose-Toes evaluated to see if she has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the team concluded that she does. Some people may consider that a problem or a negative diagnosis, but I consider it a very helpful tool in our toolbox. Now we can get some additional assistance that is specifically directed at her needs. I am quite relieved to know that what we’re dealing with is a brain wiring issue.

3. Kristi and Nathan had a lot of waiting to do today, and they both did it very patiently. I am thankful for well-behaved children.

4. I was able to spend all birthday with my sweetie.

5. Despite a serious lack of sleep, I made it through the whole day without crashing.

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