Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1, 2012

1. We got our adoption paperwork!! Now all we have to do is file for a court date and Little Man will be a Scrivner!
2. I took the kids to the hospital to see their new niece today – they all behaved perfectly, and the niece was appropriately appreciated.
3. The lovely ladies at the front desk at Marcus Daly Rehab are awesomeness personified. They let me leave 5 kids in the waiting area while I took 2 kids at a time to visit Fancy, Damian, and Salia.
4. It’s been a crazy-amazing week in Scrivnerburg!
5. Even with all the craziness I managed to get my work day done before bed time. Whew!

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Stacy Smith said...

Baby is precious! And congrats on another official Scrivnerburg!!!!

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