Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 6, 2012


1. Andrew wanted apple crisp for breakfast, so he and I made it together this morning. We did it the easiest way possible – canned apple pie filling, instant oatmeal packets, and melted butter. Simple, simple, simple, and yummy! (We did this today instead of on his birthday because it was a school day and it’s too hard to get everything done before school as it is.)

2. It’s finally party day! We went to Westside Lanes in Missoula for Andrew’s bowling birthday party.

3. The bowling party was a great success – everyone had fun, and the price was well worth it.

4. Little Man was once again sleepless all afternoon and evening, but he was an angel.

5. Our house is relatively quiet – we only have 4 kids at home, and they’re exhausted.

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