Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012

(Credit where credit is due: Dale actually took this photo, as I was the one with the clippers.)


1. I’m enjoying these low-key Sunday mornings.

2. I got two boys’ haircuts done before Ken took them off to visit a different church (ours meets in the evenings now). I wanted to tell Ken about my relief in getting two of the five done…
”I finished two of the headaches…headcuts…haircuts.”

3. Ken, asking Nathan about his play time at the unfamiliar church:
”Was there a person…I mean human…I mean adult back there with you?” (Of course, by the time he finally got “adult” out, we were both laughing so hard he could hardly finish.) I always suspected kids weren’t really human.

Both of these funnies were totally unintentional…but I think they show some deeper meanings. :-)

4. I always pray about the songs for worship (I choose them for our church), and I can usually see a theme or progression in the music as I pick out the songs…this week I could not. There was not theme that I could see…until we were singing them in church and I realized every song had the word “everlasting” in it. The best part was that Pastor Michael and Ken both spoke during our service, and each of them used that word also – God did have a point in choosing those songs! He wanted to be sure that we understand that He and His covenants are everlasting. Amen.

5. I love Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Specifically the original pepperoni ones. Mmmm…

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