Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14, 2012

My poor Caleb is still sick. That’s not the blessing.


1. Caleb’s illness isn’t dire. It’s just totally miserable. He has a pretty bad case of gastroenteritis – in other words, a stomach bug. The doctor says it’s going to go away on its own, but it will be a few days yet. Poor boy.

2. I had sweet snuggle time with Caleb this morning. We don’t do that very often anymore, but he sure wanted mommy snuggles today.

3. Our church co-hosted a special event this evening that was very interesting (in a good way) and informative. We also spent some time visiting…that’s always fun.

4. I am so thankful that we have a responsible teenage son who can take care of the younger kids when we have to leave them home. It helps that Little Man slept the whole time we were gone. But even if he hadn’t, Dale can handle it. What a blessing.

5. Have I mentioned my love for Blue Bunny Mint Bon Bon ice cream? I’ve recently become almost obsessed. I don’t feel too bad about it – I’ve been working off any extra calories getting up multiple times a night with wakeful kids all week.

I’m looking forward to a healthy, energetic week!

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