Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey! I was nominated!

Have you ever heard a Liebster Blog Award? I hadn’t either, but it’s fun! It is apparently intended to help bloggers with small followings get more readers, and I greatly appreciate the nomination. Thank you Jennifer!

Here are the rules I was given:

* You have to list 11 things about yourself.
* Answer the 11 questions sent to you by the person who nominated you.
* Choose UP TO 11 bloggers that have less than 200 followers to nominate to get their own award.
* Post 11 questions (in your blog post) for them to answer (on their own blog).
* Go to your nominees page and inform them of their award.
* You CAN NOT tag back.

Okay – 11 things about me.

1. I get coffee before I even change the baby out of his overnight diaper.
2. I spend time in the Word of God every morning – after getting my coffee (and usually after changing the baby’s diaper).
3. I stay up way too late to get up at 5:45am.
4. My favorite food is pizza.
5. I can knit, crochet, sew, and take pictures…and I love to do all of them when I have time.
6. I am easily irritated. (Yeah – that’s one of the not-so-positive aspects.)
7. I can not remember what it felt like to be bored.
8. I have lived in Montana longer than I lived in all the other places combined.
9. I wore mismatched socks and earrings on purpose long before it was cool.
10. I have clean laundry all over my bedroom (and yet I make my kids put theirs away).
11. Next year my darling beloved and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage. Zowie howie.

Jennifer’s questions for me:

1 ) If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
I did! I changed it from Elli Morrison to Elli Scrivner 24+ years ago!
2) Your happiest memory from before you were 10?
Laughing with my two cousins until my head hurt – that was Christmas 1976.
3) Do you like your job? Why or why not?
Followers of my blog will know that I love my job. It’s perfect for me – tedious, detailed, geeky.
4) Name the first three things that pop into your head, that start with T.
Tigers, Temple Run, Television
5) Favorite Book?
The Bible, and almost anything by Max Lucado.
6) Where did you meet your best friend?
My best male friend – at a roller rink in Fairbanks, Alaska (that was my husband). My best female friend – in my own front yard. She came to introduce herself because her kids came to play.
7) It's 2:34 PM. Where are you on a typical day, and what are you doing?
At home, working. I generally try to work from around 1pm to around 4pm at my “day job.”
8) Do you use coupons?
Occasionally, but I’m not a serious couponer.
9) What was the last thing you bought for yourself?
Shoes. Clearance shoes from Kmart.
10) Coffee or Tea?
Coffee, coffee, coffee, and more coffee.
11) If you could tell your 16 yr old self one thing, what would be?
When you’re 40 you’re going to think you’re okay. And you’re going to know that what all those other people thought didn’t really matter. (I know, that’s really two things.)

My nominations are:

Nancy – my friend, and one of the most content people I know. She’s such a good example of enjoying each moment!
Leslie – my photography/homeschooling/faith-sharing friend. Her family cracks me up – I mean, really…check this out.
Elle – she’s the one who caused me to start counting my blessings a few years ago – if you want to bask in a positive outlook, check out her Facebook page.

(I’m only nominating 3 because the other blogs I follow and love are much larger than the guideline.)

And here are my questions for my nominees:

1. What is your favorite candy?
2. What is your dream job?
3. If you were given unlimited funds, what would be the first thing you would do with your new wealth?
4. What part does faith play in your life?
5. Who taught you to cook?
6. What attracted you to your husband?
7. How many potholders do you own?
8. What’s your favorite tv show?
9. Do you have a college degree?
10. What is your guilty indulgence?
11. Do you keep a journal or diary?

Thanks again, Jennifer! This has been really fun!


Jennifer said...

yay! Another coffee lover!
Thanks for playing along :)

Leslie said...

LOL! Glad I make you laugh :) I am finishing this up now. Thank you again! You are so sweet!!

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