Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21, 2012

Nathan was telling me about his first night at Hapkido


1. Nate-the-Bean. He’s hilarious.

2. Ken and the boys are taking Hapkido lessons. They have wanted to do something like this for years, and they are so excited!

3. We’re having a mellow, not-runny-aroundy week. Yay! (It’s about time!)

4. I finished sewing a shirt I started about 4 weeks ago – finally (thanks to the low-key week and Hapkido lessons). I’ll get pictures and get it on the family blog sometime soon. I love sewing time – it’s crazy that I would say that now – I hated sewing for years!

5. I have a whole crew of people who can help me clean up the basement before we start school. (That’s turning my frustration into a blessing – the basement is a wreck!)

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