Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3, 2012

This sweet little baby hand is one year old today.


1. We had a great time at church today. Great music, good time with friends, a lot of God’s Word, and then the church voted to call my beloved husband as their associate pastor. Praise the Lord!

2. Today was Little Man’s birthday. How can it possibly be a whole year since our littlest lovebug was born. A year ago today we didn’t even know we needed a Little Man, but boy, did we! He’s the most wonderful, happy, affectionate baby I have ever seen. I am so thankful every day that he was added to our family.

3. Despite the crazy-busy day and the celebration in his honor, Little Man was mostly a happy, sweet boy today. The first birthday can be so overwhelming for little people, and Little Man handled it well.

4. There is no school tomorrow!

5. Quiet.

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