Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012

We had to make a quick run to Missoula, (Ken’s out of town today and tomorrow, so I just took them all with me on my errand) and Caleb was absolutely AMAZED at the “RED ROSES” growing in the median. I took a picture for him because he was just so excited about the “RED ROSES!


1. Childlike wonder. I honestly hadn’t even noticed the lovely red roses until Caleb’s amazement blazed through the car. Shame on me.

2. I took 7 kids to McDonald’s playland and we all survived. Whoohoo!

3. Little Man found a bevy of beauties to ogle. You can only sorta see 3 in this shot, but there were 5 little ladies there – all 2 and under. Andrew was trying to get LM to crawl to him – what was he thinking? Why would any guy crawl to his brother when there are all those beauties around?

4. I got to see a “baby picture” of my youngest granddaughter – she is expected to make her appearance in early November, so the “baby picture” was an ultrasound shot. She has a cute nose!

5. ‘Know what I did? After the kids were in bed I ordered a small pizza just for me and watched Design Star while I enjoyed my very own pepperoni pizza!

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good for you!bc

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