Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28, 2012

More photo blessings!

1. Touching hearts – this is what VBS is all about.
touching hearts

2. Did I mention what a great crew we had for VBS? How is it possible to have so many wonderful people in one place? I never heard a single snap or a cross word all week. Just loving, kind, happy people.most of the Stevi crew

3. I love how our new friends from Tennessee love our children.
loving children

4. Not only is she the best VBS snack lady ever, she’s also one of the best people I know.
best snack lady ever

5. Have I mentioned what a blessing it is to have people love my children? These people (from Tennessee) didn’t just hug my kids for pictures – they truly loved and appreciated my children. They connected with them. It makes my heart happy.
making friends

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