Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012


1. The overcast morning turned into a lovely day. The kids spent most of it outside. Hallelujah!

2. Bountiful Baskets. We got two baskets this time, and the stuff looks wonderful! Apples, bananas, lemons, onions, and other great stuff (I haven’t dug through yet).

3. Little Man is tolerating the Lactaid we’re adding to his formula. We’re trying to give him more calories per feeding, and for a while he was refusing bottles with Lactaid in them, but today he took 2 and finished them. Whew. It just took a while to get used to the new taste, I’m sure.

4. I’m looking forward to camping this summer! I know it’s a couple months away, but I’m preparing now, and I can’t wait!

5. We’ve got a busy week coming up, and I’m looking forward to some fun times!


Katy said...

My brother and sister in law just told me about Bountiful Baskets. Coming across your blog is the second time I've heard of them. Are you happy with the food co-op? I am thinking of joining.

Elli Scrivner said...

We've been very happy with what we've gotten. Occasionally there is something we won't use (eggplant, brussels sprouts) but we know people who will use them, so we just give them away. It's such a great value, and the produce is amazing!

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