Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27, 2012

Cell phone photo again…sorry. But it was a busy day!

I took this shot after making the cute headband. Check out my family blog for a better shot of the headband and more info.


1. Little Man slept for almost 6 straight hours – during the time I wanted to be asleep! Whoohoo! I got 5.5 CONSECUTIVE hours of sleep!

2. An impromptu birthday lunch with my precious friend Deb. Felice, Mom, and I took Deb out to celebrate another year of blessing us with her presence.

3. I made my first video “tutorial.” It was fun! See this family blog post.

4. I forgot to mention yesterday that we finally got our approval for Nathan and Caleb’s medical coverage. They were not covered for 5 months, and Caleb has been out of physical therapy all that time. Whew! It was a pain and a mess, but it’s fixed now! Yay!

5. It was a great day!

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