Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

More of the craft room taking shape. These are the shelves that my husband installed for me on Saturday. Now they have handmade buckets and other goodies adorning them. I love it! (It’s prettier in full color, but I took this shot after dark with the flash, so I like the “cinnamon” effect better than the original.)


1. A peaceful space for crafting. It is a real sanctuary now. At least until the boys come in to do their laundry.

2. My husband got our Wii working again! Yay! That’s a great thing with all the rainy, icky days we’ve had lately – we need our Wii!

3. Little Man can sit up independently now! He’s even learning to get down from his sitting position, and he’s starting to try to scoot around.

4. My kids love scrambled eggs for dinner.

5. This Monday is over.

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