Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012

I finished up Kristi's thrift store dress today. I took bits and pieces from thrift store shopping to put this together. I don't know what she thinks of it (she's not very good at expressing herself) but I like the way it came out. It's not a fantastic photo, but since the point of this year's 365 is chronicling my family, I'm okay with that. Maybe I'll get a portrait of her in the dress on Sunday.


1. I finished this dress!

2. An easy school day for me. Smile Actually, Ken did almost all the work today. I ended up having a work telemeeting for most of the class time.

3. Developing relationships. As I walked through the grocery store today I spoke to almost every store employee by name, and saw several other people I know. I love living in a place where people know me, and I know them, their kids, their needs…now I just need to remember this when I’m feeling isolated.

4. Caleb loves me so much he’s going to live with me forever. “I give my mom my heart if you can live with me.”

”If u can liv with me” means “if Mom is able to live in the same house as me forever.”

5. Little Man sat up on his own long enough for a few photos today. He really struggles with the stability to sit up, and he doesn’t know how to get down, so he throws himself backwards. But here he is modeling his new handmade bib.
Gavin with his new denim bib cropped

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