Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

Some afternoons are just sleepy.


1. A day off school. There was a combination of factors that caused us to call today an in-service day for Scrivnerburg Academy. Yay!

2. My kids are nerds. My kids are playing a game - Andrew is the "soft g" and Caleb is the "hard g." Apparently the soft g is the good guy and the hard g is a meanie.

3. Finished projects! I have finished up the special projects for work – YAY!

4. Leftovers for dinner. I made Cheeseburger Soup last night, and we have enough to have it tonight. Yay! I love nights “off” of cooking!

5. Time to blog. I am not rushing to post this blog before bed, or even worse, posting it the next morning because my day ran out of hours! Because we took the day off school and I got the work projects done, I have some “free” time to post my blog! Whoohoo!

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