Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

Andrew and I were playing with Pudding Camera again.



1. Little Man ate his first non-pureed food! Until now he's completely rejected anything that wasn't pureed, but today he stole my Nutri-grain bar! (smashed up for his eating pleasure)

2. I think these Tushie Ties diapers are so cute. I love cloth diapering – they make cute behinds, and the have so many other benefits – and these are just about the most adorable cloth diapers I’ve ever seen! (I’ve also been having way too much fun shopping online for cloth diapers.)

3. My mom. She comes to listen to the kids read, she offers encouragement, she’s funny (that’s especially helpful on stressful days)…I’m just thankful to have my mom around.

4. Getting stuff done. Sometimes it only take a few minutes, but I just keep putting a job off and putting it off…today I took about 7 minutes to make the laundry room navigable. It wasn’t that hard, but it made a BIG difference.

5. Sleepy baby. Little Man fell asleep in my arms this evening (a rare occurrence), and I just love the droopy, sleepy weight and the soft snores.

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