Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

Little Man was happy to hang out in the Jumperoo, but he didn’t do a lot of jumping.



1. A clinic that will get us in quickly. They have never failed to fit us in on a busy Monday when we’ve needed to see a doctor. (Little Man sounds pretty rough.)

2. A short school day. The reason for it isn’t so much a blessing – this nasty cold is catching kids all over Scrivnerburg – but we only had 4 students (and no helper because she was sick), and the day went fast!

3. A nice afternoon with two of my favorite men. Even if one of them is sick, it was still a nice time in Hamilton. And Little Man is getting some medicine to help him feel better.

4. Quiet time for work. Having a bunch of sick kids means that they go to bed quickly and easily. See? Something good does come of sneezy, snotty, snarfly sickness.

5. Little Man is breathing a little better. After the meds the doctor started him on he’s not sounding quite so terrible with each breath.

Oh – sweetness alert: As I was walking the house with Little Man trying to soothe him I was just talking talking talking to him, and one of the things I said was “You can’t breathe, Baby. That’s no fun.” Nathan heard “you can’t breathe” and started to cry thinking Little Man was going to die. Little Man and I immediately assured him that LM’s breathing problems were relatively minor, and he was going to be fine. I just love how concerned Nathan was though. Sweet boy.

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