Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012

While Ken and the bigger boys were off at the Winter Special Olympics today, Caleb, Kristi, Little Man, and I did all sorts of useful things. Caleb chose to clean windows, and after helping clean up the living room, Kristi chose to practice math. The big boys had a great time snowboarding – I’m sure we’ll have some pictures tomorrow.


1. A low-key day. No school in Scrivnerburg, so it was a mellow day. We got some stuff done!

2. A fun project at work. I was asked to do a short project at work today, and it was different and fun.

3. Once again, one of my blessings is food. We had Honey Sesame Chicken tonight, and it was AWESOME!

4. My father-in-law. He may not have the health he used to enjoy, but he still has his humor, and I love him dearly. Today he was here visiting for a while, and he watched me (finally) take down the lights that hung around my dining room window. As I finished he said, “It’s almost Christmas.” (With the implication that I could have just left them up until next December.) He has always loved laughing at me. He has also always told me that he only picks on people he likes. I guess he likes me a lot.

5. My Kindle. I didn’t use it for a long time, but I’ve really started making use of it lately, and I’ve found a great benefit. I have all the books I’m reading in one place! I haven’t had to run back and forth to get the study book that I’m using with my Bible, and my fiction book hasn’t fallen under my chair once! (But that doesn’t mean that Ken and I don’t have a stack of “real” books on our living room table. You’d think we were readers or something!)

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