Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

Does it make me a geek if I loved my mini-video setup so much I took a picture of it and posted it on my blog?

This is how I listen to music while I work (or watch Netflix while I play).


Today’s blessings:

1. A teenage boy who chooses to change stinky diapers. Can you believe that?

2. Friends to share my journey with. I’m so blessed to have friends to help in our homeschool journey, friends to share my photo journey with, friends to walk with on my spiritual journey…I’m just blessed.

3. Technology. I really love playing with new tech gadgets and learning new geeky things. I just wish I knew a whole lot more.

4. Diet Pepsi Vanilla. My husband and a couple other people went to a lot of effort to get 8 12-packs of Diet Pepsi Vanilla for me as a Christmas gift. It’s been discontinued by PepsiCo, so it’s hard to come by. I’m relishing each one.

5. Funny children. I love the funny things my kids say. I suspect this blessing will pop up often. Today’s funny – Kristi came skipping through the kitchen sing-songing, "I'm as happy as a giraffe!" Did you know giraffes were happy animals. Well, apparently they are.


365 by K.O.S. Photography said...

One of the greatest things in life is to have friends to share that spiritual journey! I love my spiritual friends! Those that I can call and ask what verse is this, or what time is the church service you are going to. It's important to have that fellowship outside of church c=

Jamie said...

Just looking at your photo makes me want to listen to music with you. How cute is that setup!?!

Sasi S said...

That does look geeky Elli.
Good luck on your 365 project.

Jennifer said...

LOL! Who knew giraffes were so happy they skipped? Who knew giraffes could skip at all? :)

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