Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

As some of you know, we are homeschooling our children this year. We call it Scrivnerburg Academy, and so far we are all enjoying it! We have some wonderful helpers that come in and listen to our children read. Monday is Nana’s day to come, so here are Dale and Nana during their reading time.

My blessings for today:
1. Nana – she’s not only a reading helper. She’s Ken’s mom, my mother-in-love, and a lovely, thoughtful person. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

2. A short school day – I don’t know why, but the kids all got their work done quickly today, and everyone was finished before lunch. Yay!

3. My job – I have a great job for me. It’s geeky, work-at-home, maybe even tedious, but I love it, and it seems they appreciate me.

4. Quiet time – I love the peaceful time after the kids go to bed. On the nights when Ken is home we watch tv together and just relax. On the nights when he’s gone (he works 3 nights a week) I watch tv by myself and just enjoy some “me” time. It’s nice not to be “Mommy” ALL the time.

5. Chocolate – I love the velvety, smooth, creaminess of a good milk chocolate. Mmmmmm…and I happen to hear one calling my name right now!

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Leslie said...

LOVE this post. How cool to have Nana come listen. I love that. And love your blessings. We are pretty blessed, huh? Happy New Year!

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