Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012

We had to go to Missoula for an appointment today. Almost all the area schools were closed due to the weather today – I think you can see why. When I took this shot it was snowing, but as we got down the road a bit it was raining. Not a good thing when the temperature is around 30F.


1. We made it to and from Missoula safely. Whew!

2. Medical professionals declared our baby “absolutely adorable.” I know…kinda a “duh” statement, but it never hurts a parent’s feelings to hear how precious his/her baby is.

3. Felice. I know I mentioned her just recently, but she has to be on the list again – she babysat all of our children for 6 hours today.

4. American Idol. I just love that show. I feel like I got rewarded for a busy day.

5. Snow day! We had our first “snow day” at Scrivnerburg Academy. The kids spent almost the entire day playing out in the snow. So fun!

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