Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012

Last week the administrators of Scrivnerburg Academy decided that the classroom could benefit from having a tablet  computer. We received some Amazon gift cards for Christmas, so we used those to purchase a neat little tablet just for the kids to use in school. It arrived today – fun times! (Those of you who know me will realize just how fun that really is! I love geeky gadgets!) After I spent some time pl….ahem…setting it up, I let the kids have 15 minute turns with it. Now they’re hooked, and it will be a great incentive for a while, in addition to being useful for looking up necessary information. Smile

(Brief review – so far I’m very happy with this Creative Ziio tablet. It was $130 on Amazon – a great price for a tablet computer. It seems to do what we need it to, and the kids are thrilled. I call it a bargain.)


1. My children are so funny.

2. God’s provision. He continues to shower us with exactly what we need at the moment.

3. Forgiveness. What a relief to have someone forgive you when you have wronged them.

4. Sunshine to chase the SAD away.

5. Easy food. My kids love Hamburger Helper, but it has things in it that I don’t want to feed to my kids (MSG, dyes). Today I found a blog post that spelled out how to make your own hamburger helper to keep on hand. Yay!

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