Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A trip to Michele's

My friend Michele has two Norwegian Fjord mares that recently had the most adorable babies...

We had a baseball game out in her neighborhood, so we stopped by to see the horses. Oh my goodness - they are the cutest things!!! So soft, sweet, funny...we all loved them! The one little lady - Tule' (pronounced Tula) - loved all the kids, but Kristi especially. She followed her around and kept begging for more attention. The other little lady - Tine' (pronounced Tina - they are Norwegian, after all) - was more shy, but quite willing to be photographed. They are both so beautiful. The mamas, Tone' and Tessa, were content to nibble grain while we admired their offspring. All 4 are lovely ladies, and it was a fun visit.

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