Friday, May 20, 2011

Fields of Sunshine

Fields of Sunshine by Elli :-)
Fields of Sunshine, a photo by Elli :-) on Flickr.

I stopped on a side road on the way home from Hamilton to take this shot of the lovely sunshine flowers. They sure do make a pretty field!

I took this photo with my HTC Incredible. I used to hate posting cell phone photos on my blog, but I have a different view on that now. First, I have a great cell phone! It takes 8mp photos, and it's quite fast. I love the results I get from it. But beyond that, I have concluded that one does not have to have the big guns (Canon 7d in my case) to get good photos, or to capture memories. Sometimes it's more important to use what you have available - if I had waited until I could come back with my 7d this field would have been full of poofyheads. That might be a nice photo in itself, but not the lovely spring image that I feel I captured here. Granted, the quality is not perfect, and the window glare in the bottom left might be a distraction, but the moment - the spring beauty - is here for me to remember.

I have found this especially important when it comes to shots of the kids. Some of my favorite kid photos have been taken with a cell phone because I had that in my pocket. Those moments would be lost to me and to my loyal readers/viewers if I had to go get the DSLR. So...all that to say this...I am so thankful for my cell phone camera!

Here are a few of my favorite cell phone shots (if you get the email version of this blog, please go to the web version to see the additional photos).



Anonymous said...

Awesome shots! I guess I partially agree with you. I mean if it's down to taking a shot or not than yes use what you have, but to be able to enlarge it and frame it? You need the big guns LOL
Lovely field

Leslie said...

I totally agree with you. Great post. And beautiful field. I always love your scenery pics!

bakingbarb said...

Great photos as always! Love that big field of beautiful sunshine rays o flowers. Just plain love that scene.

cottasofia said...
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