Monday, March 28, 2011

It’s a monochrome Monday

The Daily Shoot assignment was black & white, so I played around with a variety of black and white images. I ended up liking two that I took with my cell phone more than any others. This first one is my new cabasa. I love it! It makes great sounds that add some texture to our worship music at church.

I can’t wait until I have really mastered this thing. There’s more to it than a simple shake. Some really cool sounds can be made with it!

This one was taken with my phone and an app called Camera360.

This is the pencil sketch option in the app. I like the minimalist-type feel to this one.

My sweet friend Felice gave me an early birthday present – a new Canon flash! That means I once again have 2 working flashes! I can do some real indoor portrait work if I want to! Yay! I can’t wait to get stuff set up and really play with my 2 flashes now!

What are you working on in your photography skills?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Elli,
awesome monochromatic image! fun stuff. I'm glad you're gonna get back to portraits. Yay for nice birthday gifts. ;)

I'm working on learning more Off camera flash stuff (not studio) and photoshop. Thanks for asking. LOL

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