Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I love The Burger Shack!

I had another opportunity to shoot photos for The Burger Shack today. They have added a bunch of items to their menu, and they wanted photos of some of the new offerings. Before I went off to shoot for them I wanted to try some different lighting methods, and I came up with one I liked. Here is my "food photography studio." It is foam core posterboard, and this "room" and my one flash were just what I needed!
(I have the flash power lower than I normally would for this so you can see detail in the foam core "room.")

Here is the shot I took with this setup...

I took these treasures off to The Burger Shack and got started on the deliciousness...


I think this is the prettiest burger - all those colors!

One more note - Caleb's pumpkin seeds (and golden melon seeds now) have started to sprout! Is it a coincidence that the first several to peek their little heads up were the ones that Caleb (Mr. Golden-Green Thumb) planted? It only took his 5 days! He was so excited! I said, "Caleb, look! You have sprouts!" He looked and then started dancing around the kitchen sing-songing, "I love sprouts!"


Anonymous said...

Very nice foodie shots Elli.

I like the lighting on these shots..may be I should invest my money on a pair of umbrellas and strobes for continuous lighting. Thanks for the tip on the setup for this shoot.

Leslie said...

Your burger shots always make me hungry! Love the colors in this one. YUM!

Amanda said...

YUM, YUM, YUM!!! These photos are mouth watering good! Excellent job on these Elli! Thanks for sharing your setup!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love foam core poster board! They sure do come in handy and so cheap too.
Perfect lighting for your food photography.

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