Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sundays are mellow in Scrivnerburg

I love Sundays that are calm and undemanding. After church we had lunch and then I took a nap! Yay for naps! I made two casseroles this evening - I love it when I can make extra and put one in the freezer. I now have 4 frozen meals waiting - that makes me feel wealthy! I didn't do any real, difficult photography today - I captured a moment between my 3 younger kids...
I love it when they do something together happily. 

This evening I knitted a hat for Nathan - I love it so much I that sense a mommy-sized hat coming in the near future...I'll share a shot of Nathan's hat when he has it on.

I hope it was a peaceful weekend for my blog friends. Thanks for stopping by!


Sandra said...

It sounds like the perfect weekend! Great shot of you babies playing nice.

Anonymous said...

Give the kids to play with something and you're presented with photo ops...nice one Elli. I like this composition.

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