Saturday, January 15, 2011

Macro in a mason jar – sort of

I saw this blog post about creating a “macro in a mason jar.” I thought it was a fun concept, but I discovered that I didn’t actually have the equipment I needed – like a large enough clean jar. I tried with what I had, but it just didn’t work. Today I decided to try it with my purple vase – it worked a lot better, although I did get a bit of a color cast from the vase. Oh well…fun experiment anyway. It might be even more fun with a subject that works well with the color cast. So here’s my macro in a “mason jar” and the pull back so you can see the color of the vase.
macro in a mason jar attempt 2

It’s been another nice, relaxed Saturday. We got to go to Hamilton for breakfast with some new friends, and then I came home and just hung out. I like these laid back days. The kitchen is clean…the living room is livable…dinner is planned…aaaahhhh…


Gary said...

Elli, that is very nice! I'm glad you decided to play. You should enter the contest!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun experiment. I should try "macro in a mason jar".

Sandra said...

Awesome weekend!
I like the details in the macro shot. I do see the color coming through but that adds interest. Thanks for sharing that link. I liked the "experimenting."

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