Saturday, January 1, 2011

The first day of a new year!

It seems that this photo-a-day project is going to be an ongoing thing. I don’t think I need to keep track of the numbers anymore. It’s not like post #365 is going to be the end! Posting a photo each day is such a habit now that I don’t think I need to be motivated by the rising numbers, and I don’t need to see the “end” coming.

Waaaaay back when – I think it was the last week of October, 2008 – I was kind of coerced into starting a 365 project. I knew that I would feel compelled to stick with it if I committed to it, and I was afraid of that kind of commitment. Now I think about that and laugh at myself. During the first few months I did find it hard to stay motivated and produce a photo I wanted to share, but somewhere along the way I realized that I had begun purposely improving my photography skills. Light started to make sense to me, ordinary objects began to look like abstract art, and the fellowship of the 365 carried me along on the rough days. Most of the people I started that journey with back in 2008 dropped off the project map after a while, but there are some that I am still blogging along with. I love that! We have been on some great virtual photography adventures together!
StarWe’ve had military separations - Tess' husband deployed; Sandra's daughter in Kentucky;
Starnew experiences – Sandra’s first wedding; my first foray into paid food photography; Heather’s first print sale;
Starmilestones – Potty party!; Izzy’s graduation

Along the way I’ve made some great new friends too! Some I “met” in the middle of the project; some were unable to complete the year but kept cheering the rest of us on; some were even inspired to start a project by our efforts. It has been amazing to make this journey with such wonderful people!

I spent today with another group of wonderful people. We didn’t do much – it was a very laid back day in Scrivnerburg, but I did take some pictures of the people I spent the day with…

Thanks to my husband who is always a willing assistant.

One more note – if you are working on a 365 project, thinking about one, or just interested in photography, you can join us at the Project 365 Forum.


365 by K.O.S. Photography said...

Aww!! Yes, I was rather excited with the experience of selling a 365 portrait!!! And since I am continuing on I guess the last day wouldn't be 365. I've become a creature of habit, making time to browse others work, post my photo and take time to meet new friends!! Glad you are one of them!! Happy New Year!! I look forward to another great year on the forum with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely portraits of kids. Did you use a template?

Sandra said...

First of all, great, great portraits!
Second what a great wrap up that was. Took me down mememory lane my friend. Thanks for the memories. We've been through some milestones, haven't we. I'm honored to call you my friend.

Nancy said...

I'm no photographer, but I know beautiful portraits when I see them. Elli, you have such a talent for bringing out the beauty and warmth of your subjects. What sweet smiles.

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