Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I didn't have any trouble finding a subject for The Daily Shoot today - "Go white on white today. Make a photograph of a white subject on a white background." For this photo I went back over to Vance's yard and took another shot of this great wheel.

We had blizzard conditions overnight and early this morning. It was quite wintery! As my husband said, "winter has winted." It sounds as if we're done getting snow for now, but the temperatures are supposed to be very low - single digits Fahrenheit, and even below zero for a short period of time. Cold enough to stay inside by the fire!


Sandra said...

Makes for a beautiful shot but I don't like winter and out temps have dropped dramatically. I think I'm going back to Mexico.

Amanda said...

Brrrr! Actually, I wish we had snow here. We have the cold, just no snow. Beautiful photo! I remember seeing this earlier on TDS, just didn't know it was your's! :)

Anonymous said...

This shot makes perfect sense with your "cozy" fireplace shot yesterday. That's a lot of snow (for folks in midwest)

I think we have winter'y weather for Thanksgiving day.

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