Monday, November 8, 2010


Today's assignment from The Daily Shoot is "Radiating lines pull the viewer directly to a center of interest. Take advantage of this in a photo you create today." I always read the Daily Shoot assignments early in the morning so I can be watching for something that suits the topic. I don't think this would have caught my interest if I hadn't already read "radiating lines" - I've seen lots of pumpkins without giving them a second glance. That's why I love using the Daily Shoot or similar inspirations - they make me think outside of my own little box. I actually really like this photo and subject - I had never noticed the star shape to a pumpkin's stem until I took this photo. Fascinating details are everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Good one Elli. I like the way this shot pulls (my)eyes towards the stalk.

Leslie said...

Oh! I really like that perspective. Very creative :)

Anonymous said...

nice!! bc

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