Thursday, October 28, 2010


The Daily Shoot assignment was “Make a photograph today that has a strongly centered composition.” This dandelion is so odd to me…it’s blooming on October 28. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blooming dandelion this late in the year. What a weird fall we’re having.


Sandra said...

I don't we have any. First cold day of the season. Sigh.
Well it must be cheerful seeing that dandilion blooming. Nice response to the challenge.

Leslie said...

That is very strange. And now you will remember it always ;o) I know they are weeds but I love that they bring color to things. Enjoy it while you can!

Anonymous said...

It has been unusually warm in here as well. It was warm until yesterday.

I think we had freezing weather early this AM.

Amanda said...

We are unusually green here for this time of year! The leaves are mostly gone but we still have green grass. No dandelions though! ;)

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