Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Day 300!!! Whoohoo!! I can’t believe there are only 65 more days to this project and this year! That’s crazy!

Today’s photo is a milestone shot – at least for me. I have known this wonderful man for almost 24 years. I met him on November 13, 1986…that’s quite a lot of time and quite a bit of hair ago. When I met him he had a mustache, and since then he has always had it – I had never seen him without a mustache until today.
I think he looks great without it, but it certainly is different! I keep staring at his upper lip. Sorry, Honey. It’s only because you get better looking with every passing day.


Sandra said...

Great shot Elli and he seriously looks younger without the mustach.

Anonymous said...

He looks much younger ;)
Lovely pose.

Leslie said...

Seriously, so much younger. He looks great.

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