Saturday, October 9, 2010


We had (yet another) birthday party today! It’s been…weeks (three) since our last party! I am so (very, very) glad this was the last kid party for this year. At this point I’m thinking Ken’s birthday party should be only grown ups and not involve me cleaning anything. His is the only birthday left for our household this year, and it seems like dinner and a movie would be much better than a party.
Anyway…we had the normal fun – outdoor games, fun, frivolity, chaos, cacophony, presents, cake (read=frosting), and then the inevitable clean up. You have probably seen it all before, so I’m just going to share a couple shots from the party…
Everyone’s favorite game – teams of two keep the balloon in the air with their light sabers. We were one person short so I teamed up with Austin and I think we actually won!

This one cracks me up because all the kids are blurry, and it’s not bokeh. All but the one closest to the camera were in motion. They were like that ALL afternoon! (Rose, in the red/flag shirt may look sharp enough in the small version, but in the full res photo you can see motion blur on her too.)

The birthday boy is the very blurry one in the fatigue hat. He was zinging with excitement from 7:00 this morning!


Anonymous said...

I like the framing on the first shot.

Sandra said...

Looks like another great party! Fun fun

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