Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today's Daily Shoot assignment was "Make a photograph that shows an interpretation of your favorite indulgence or guilty pleasure." This isn't necessarily my favorite, but it was yummy. It's peanut butter silk pie from Perkins. Silky peanut butter filling, flaky crust, gooey chocolate ganache...mmmmmmm.

Mom and our friend Elaine and I spent the afternoon in Hamilton today. We found some deals at second hand stores, had some laughs, and ate very well. It was a wonderful afternoon that we finished off with some photos at (again) the Daly Mansion. The sun was just going behind the mountains, but it was so beautiful out there. Here are a couple of the photos I liked.



Anonymous said...

Sure that looks delicious...

Sandra said...

I think it looks delicious but I cannot have anything with dairy! Not fair!
Great image - Like I said before you rock with "food" photography. Something I haven't managed to master.

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