Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today’s Daily Shoot assignment was “repeating patterns.” I really didn’t have the time I would have liked to devote to working on this assignment – I enjoy repeating patterns in photos, and I wanted to find something really interesting – but I also wanted to show off my new basket, so I guess it worked out.

I didn’t want a standard, boring snapshot of a basket. For my first shots I zoomed in on the repeating patterns in this handmade basket. For those who are interested, I just purchased this from the African man making them at our local festival.

After shooting just for the assignment, I decided to take some shots to show off my beautiful basket. I didn’t like any of the angles I tried showing off the entire thing, so I zoomed in a bit more and just included enough to “describe” the basket without looking like boring stock photography.
In case you can’t tell, I just love this basket. I almost talked myself out of spending the money on it, but my mother and my husband both told me I’d be sorry if I didn’t get it. They were right. I’ve been using it to carry everything everywhere!

Here’s a bonus of the basket creator working –this was taken with my Palm Pre Plus.


Leslie said...

Super, super cool shots! Love that we got to see the maker too.

Sandra said...

Wow beautiful basket and great image. Very nice image with the man making them. He's talented.

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