Saturday, July 24, 2010


Quick post because I’m exhausted! We went and spent the day in Bigfork, Montana. It’s a neat little town with wonderful shopping and art galleries. Ken and I took a bunch of pictures, but I’ll probably share more about our day and photos from our adventures on the family blog tomorrow. I’m too tired to go through all the pictures tonight. Here’s one I took after we left Bigfork and headed for home. I was going for shots of Flathead Lake, but this butterfly was eager to have his/her portrait done, so I obliged.

Here is my photo for The Daily Shoot - “Make a photo that uses negative space to good effect. Give your subject room to breathe, and balance it within the frame.”


Anonymous said...

These shots are awesome Elli. Wonderful bokeh on the 1st shot and I like the composition.

You did very well on TDS assignment shot. Love the blue color on the water and the boat is well placed.

Leslie said...

Perfect second shot. Totally used that neg space to your advantage.

Sandra said...

Simply beautiful.

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