Monday, July 12, 2010


Today’s photo isn’t monochrome – it’s The Daily Shoot assignment combined with Caleb’s request for a “big, fat, juicy maple leaf.” He wanted me to pick it, but take a picture first. The wind was blowing with gusts of up to 30mph, so I had a hard time getting a sharp image, but I liked the fact that this one was sharp and had a sunburst.
The entire leaf is larger than Caleb’s face, and its stem is about a foot long. It’s big, fat, and juicy, for sure!


Anonymous said...

I like the details and sharpness on the maple leaf. That's one big leaf ;)

Sandra said...

Well it is sort of monochromatic (mostly greens with a little blue)
and what a great helper you have.

Love the little flair and great response to the challenge.

Amanda said...

Love the sun flare, nice capture :)

Amanda said...

Very nice!! I love the light coming through the trees and the sunburst!!

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