Sunday, July 11, 2010


It’s the last day of Summer Fest here in Stevensville, so we got one more chance to see the balloons. I went down the street for a slightly different view this time – still in my jammies. Today I had two pajama-clad kiddos and two cats with me. They all wanted to see the balloons!

The Daily Shoot assignment today is “Find a scene that's dominated by one color and make a photograph of it. Use light and shadow to accentuate detail.” I’m not sure that my photo accentuates detail, but it speaks of summer evenings at the picnic table – so there’s some detail for ya.


Anonymous said...

Stevensville seems like a real scenic place - love those mountains and composition on this shot.

Leslie said...

I love seeing hot air balloons. That is a great picture.

Sandra said...

Beautiful! Those balloons are just dreamy!
Beautiful scenery too - great job.

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