Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This “thingy” has been featured before. Here’s a different view that is intended to answer this assignment - “Look for an area with a big differential in light. Make a photo exposed for the brightest area, isolating a subject.”
I’m not sure this really meets the criteria since there’s so much light in the grasses, but the pump thingy is shaded by a large tree to camera right, so it’s much darker than the sky in the background. I guess that works, right?
Someday I need to ask my Vance what this is.
Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate the support!


Sandra said...

I think it meets the criteria. Great contrast, lovely blue skies. Nice job Elli.

Anonymous said...

I do think it meets the criteria. Wonderful contrast b/w the mountains and the blue sky.

Amanda said...

It works for me! :)
Interesting composition! The "thingy" is always new with a different angle.

Crow said...

I am very curious about what the "thingy" actually did at the prime of its existence. Will look forward to hearing what Vance tells you!

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