Monday, April 19, 2010


Monochrome Monday! My great neighbor Vance always provides me with interesting things for black and white…
Here’s another view of the “thingy.”
And here’s a color shot of the beautiful bouquet Caleb gave me for my birthday…
It was a beautiful day today, so Ken, Caleb and I took a walk to the little park (the one with the Joy statue) and sorta had lunch. It was very nice, even if Ken was the only one to eat anything. I took pictures and Caleb played with sunshine flowers (aka dandelions). What a nice day! (It’s a good thing, too – the afternoon was INSANE!)
Anyway…I’m off to watch Chuck with my sweetheart. Tell me what you did or didn’t like about my photos!


Sandra said...

Interesting "thingy" in your neighbors yard. I love the lights in the background of your birthday bouquet, I also like the angle you used. great job.

Amanda said...

It sounds like you had a great morning! Interesting machine (?) I like the composition of your bouquet shot.

Jennifer said...

Fun snapshots!!

bakingbarb said...

The black and white is very cool.

Love the bouquet.

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