Friday, July 2, 2010


I am halfway through this project! The thing that really amazes me is that I have not forgotten a day yet. I have posted every single day. Whoohoo! I don’t know why that matters to me – it doesn’t really make a difference if I post every day as long as I’m still picking up my camera and learning, but I am pleased that I haven’t forgotten.


I had two different challenges today. I would have loved to combine them, but it just wasn’t possible for me to carry out my vision today. The Daily Shoot assignment was “Refresh from the summer heat today. Make a photo of water in motion. Freeze it or let it blur!” Our Project 365 group’s challenge today was “the dog days of summer.” I wanted to take our dog down to the river and let her splash around – she loves water – but it’s been a bit windy and too chilly for water (for me), and I really didn’t have the free time today.

So, instead, I have two photos – here is Caleb with his new squirt gun. No one was safe – he even shot my camera!!

That’s my response to the water assignment.

And here’s the dog days of summer – Molly is enjoying our brand-new grass in our very own yard! Yay for grass!


Anonymous said...

Nice freeze action on water squirt.

Amanda said...

Great response to the water assignment! Looks like that grass is doing great!

Sandra said...

Both are great images. The water "stopped" in mid air is great. Molly's image is perfect too.

365 by K.O.S. Photography said...

OH! I love the water gun!! Makes me want to go and play with one! IT's steaming hot here!!!

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