Thursday, July 1, 2010


I’m thankful for thistles! Why?
1.) They’re pretty
2.) It sounds like you’re lisping when you say “thistle”
3.) Artichokes are thistles, and I love artichokes
4.) The word “thistle” comes out as “fffthistle” when Caleb says it
5.) Did I already mention that they’re pretty?

Here’s one more. They’re even pretty before they’re all flowery.


Amanda said...

I agree, they are pretty! As someone who has stepped on MANY thistles they aren't fun to walk on I have mixed feelings about them as a whole!
Great photo! I love how you made the thistle look larger than life!

Anonymous said...

Nice colors and detail on the fist shot. Love the way the thistle is posed against the blue sky and the clouds.

Sandra said...

They are beautiful! I have been facsinated by them since I first learned about them. My MIL has one in a glass paper weight.

Great images! Love the contrast with the blue sky.

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