Monday, May 31, 2010


We observed Memorial Day by having a barbecue at our house with family and good friends. I am so thankful for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so I can have the freedom to celebrate, enjoy my family, and worship my God.

My photo for today is my beloved mother-in-law with two of her siblings. Her older brother David has been here visiting for the last few days, and I finally got a chance to capture Barbara (my MIL) with David and their sister Judy. This kind of visit doesn’t happen often, so I was glad to capture this moment.

(This is not my favorite shot – but it’s the one I liked best in the chocolate b&w.)

This is my favorite from the few I shot – the lady in the back is David’s wife, Darlene. We really enjoyed visiting with them today!

After all of our guests left Ken had a few moments of fun with some of the kids…
Ken is the coolest dad ever.


Sandra said...

That is a great shot of your MIL and her sibings. What a treasure.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!
I like the chocolate b&w pp - I think it's simple and neat.

Amanda said...

Great photos! It is so nice that you were able to capture photos of them together.

Jennifer said...

Fun time with the family!!

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